Brave Web Browser Launches Brave Ads Cryptocurrency Rewards Program

brave web browser brave adsBrave Web Browser has been making waves and gaining a positive reputation over the past few months. Below is a quick overview of this web browser if you are not already familiar with it.

From our experience, the Brave Web Browser is fully capable of blocking all ads and web trackers from any website that you visit.

It is capable of performing these ad-blocking functions natively.

In other words, unlike Firefox for example, you do not need to download any external plugins or add-ons in order to have these features.

The Launch of Brave Ads

On April 25th 2019, Brave Inc. released version 0.66.24 of their web browser. In this version a new feature was added – called Brave Ads – and this feature, according to the company, might totally change the way in which users interact with online advertisements.

According to their press release, the Brave Ads program will begin in the U.S, Canada, Germany, France, and the UK with more countries to follow. They are also working on integrating their ad platform into the two main mobile operating systems – iOS and Android.

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20 TOP Cryptocurrency Countries that visit Crypto Exchanges

cryptocurrency countryDaylight, an analytics website that focuses on cryptocurrencies, provided data to show that the United States recorded the highest number of visits to cryptocurrency exchange platforms – with a record of over 22 million monthly visits. The United States remains by far the country with the most active cryptocurrency traders.

These figures were derived from recording the website traffic data of the 100 most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

The countries of Japan and South Korea received second and third places respectively. Japanese citizens visit cryptocurrency platforms over six million times per month and South Koreans visit over five million times per month. The countries displayed in the table below refer to traders who are actively buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

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Can Hearo FM use Cryptocurrency to Revolutionize the Music Industry?

hearo fm jam token cryptocurrency musicHearo FM has a goal to create a global independent music marketplace for artists to collaborate, share their music, and connect directly to their fans. According to its founders, Andrew and Brian Antar, Hearo’s mission is to democratize access to music and level the playing field for artists around the world.

The Hearo FM music marketplace is built from its foundation on the appropriately named JAM Token. The JAM Token is powered by Hedra Hashgraph, an enterprise-grade public network for decentralized applications.

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Is Bitcoin Mining Still Viable?

bitcoin mining profitabilityIs mining bitcoin still a viable venture to undertake in today’s world? We will explore that question in this article. But first, let’s explore the various ways in which you can mine Bitcoin.

By reading this article we are assuming that you are already familiar with the basic fundamentals of Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining. In this article, we’ll explore the actual hardware, software and technical aspects that are required in order to be profitable in Bitcoin mining.

Calculating Your Bitcoin Hash Rate

As described in our previous Bitcoin mining article, miners get rewarded every time the “hash puzzle” is solved. The speed at which you are able to solve this puzzle is based on the hardware that you are using. This speed measurement is referred to as the Hash rate.

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Tech Savvy Student Steals $7.5 Million in Cryptocurrency

cryptocurrency hacking hacker cyber securityJoel Ortiz, a skilled SIM Swapper was caught and arrested back in May 2018. On April 22nd 2019, the District Attorney’s Office of Santa Clara County made their formal announcement about his sentence – 10 years in prison.

Ortiz was a 21-year-old Boston High School valedictorian and was very prolific at stealing cryptocurrency from SIM cards. The announcement states that he had hacked the crypto wallets (worth over $7.5 million) located on mobile phones of over 40 victims.

According to the announcement, it only took Ortiz just a few minutes to steal more than $5.2 million in crypto from one Cupertino cryptocurrency entrepreneur. He performed this theft back in May of 2018. Continue reading “Tech Savvy Student Steals $7.5 Million in Cryptocurrency”

Every Cryptocurrency Can Be Hacked in Just a Few Seconds

cryptocurrency hacking hacked quantum computers computing hackedIs it possible that all current blockchain-based cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) can be hacked in just a matter of seconds? It indeed seems possible, based on the statements made by Dr. Joseph Liu, Associate Professor at Monash University.

Dr. Liu’s qualifications add allot of weight to his statements. He is the Head Researcher at Monash Blockchain Research Lab, the Chief Scientist of HCash and he is also the co-creator of the Moreno cryptocurrency. In other words, his statements about cryptocurrency development should be taken seriously. Continue reading “Every Cryptocurrency Can Be Hacked in Just a Few Seconds”

Colibra aims to use Blockchain Technology to handle Insurance Claims

colibra blockchain insuranceColibra’s mission is to place itself as the first Democratic Insurance company in the world by changing the way it handles risks and treat people when risks manifest. Colibra is building an open crowdsourced platform on the blockchain for handling non-parametric insurance claims and the payments involved in a transparent, automated and autonomous way. Continue reading “Colibra aims to use Blockchain Technology to handle Insurance Claims”